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Police Sick Leave & First Responders’ Mental Health

Police Sick Leave & First Responders’ Mental Health

Saskatchewan was launched an online program to provide first responders with some much-needed mental health support. Click here to read the full article.

“It’s important because when you need help, you kind of need it now,” says Regina paramedic.

Regina Leader Post

Meanwhile, here in Ontario, the president of the Stratford Police Association has sent an insightful letter to the editor of the Stratford Beacon Herald about how we need to talk more about the root causes of police sick time. You can read that letter here.

When uniform officers and police service employees are regularly asked to fill extra shifts and work overtime to make up for a lack of personnel, it can contribute to the development of high rates of burnout and individuals taking extended leaves of absence due to operational stress injuries. This creates a cyclical effect as staffing levels are then even further diminished, with less police personnel available to take on that additional work.

Rob McMillan, President
Stratford Police Association
in The Stratford Beacon Herald