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Mediation Resources

Mediation Resources

Looking for mediation tips and guides for your workplace? Here are a few great resources we’ve come across lately.

40 Mediation Advocacy Tips for Ontario Lawyers

The 40 tips in this e-book are intended to apply to the mediation of
most civil disputes in Ontario. They are also applicable to the
mediation of other types of disputes, with necessary modifications for
procedure and practice. The tips are based on my mediation
experience as a lawyer and mediator. They also draw on themes and
topics I have written and spoken about over the last decade.

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5 tips for effectively managing conflict

Many of us have been testing our conflict management skills recently. We are working in new ways, homeschooling children, spending endless hours sheltering in place with family members, and trying to maintain at least six-feet apart from others when we venture into the world to obtain essential supplies. Conflict can be defined as “any situation in which the concerns of two people appear to be incompatible.” Gaining self-awareness and taking time to fine-tune conflict management skills have never been more important.

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Why Your Company Should Be Integrating Meditation in the Workplace?

I’ve been speaking with many entrepreneurs over the past weeks. Through all the conversations, one thing became clear: stress levels have gone through the roof with the current crisis. It’s understandable, and I’m tempted to call the heightened stress a result of our current crisis.

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Performance Vs. Trust

Facebook post from Simon Su