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Workplace Conflict Resolution Services

BlueMediation provides workplace conflict resolution services across Ontario and Canada. We specialize in industries relating to law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

Online Workplace Conflict Solutions (OWCS)

We use technology to replace face to face interaction to achieve the same results, a resolution to your workplace conflict issues. Our platform is safe and secure and easy to use. Simply click on the link we send you in an email and let us do the rest. We are confident you will feel safe and that our work will remain confidential.

We can do all our work for you using our online platform, whether its a workplace assessment, pre mediation meetings and mediations or workplace investigations, using a combination of technologies we can get the job done. Plus you save on our related travelling expenses.

Please consider us and our OWCS to help you take care of your people and remember, we’ve been there and we are all in this together.

Workplace Assessments 

The assessment can be reactive (after a complaint or issue has been identified) or proactive (for workplaces that want a better understanding of how well their workplaces are operating).

At Blue Mediation, we use workplace assessments based on the Workplace Fairness Institute program.

These can be used to develop a baseline if you, the employer, are planning on implementing strategies to empower and support your workforce (which we can provide you). They are particularly useful in messaging to your people that you care about their input.

Workplace Restoration

When conflict in the workplace is experienced, even those not personally involved suffer.

After the conflict is resolved, regardless of the intervention (mediation) used the workplace still needs a restoration, or a return to stasis. Once an assessment is completed, we will provide a report that identifies gaps and areas that can benefit from what we call interventions. Interventions can take many forms including:

  • Mediation
  • Mentoring
  • Training

Workplace Conflict Mediation & Resolution

Mediation works by having both people involved in the conflict come together to discuss their issues and create their own resolutions. Here is the process we generally follow for workplace mediation.


Our conflict mediation process begins with gathering information about the situation. We connect with the responsible manager of the people involved in conflict to get an overview of what’s been happening.

From there, we contact each person involved for a one-on-one pre-mediation meeting. This gives us a chance to explain the mediation process and answer any questions. It’s also an opportunity for each person to describe the situation from their point of view.

Mediation is completely confidential. Part of the pre-mediation meeting involves having participants sign our Mediation Agreement. This one-page document explains that:

  • Everything said during the mediation session is confidential.
  • Any notes we take during mediation will be destroyed after the process is complete.
  • Nothing that happens during mediation can be used later if the issue moves to a another form of resolution like a human rights hearing. BlueMediation mediators can’t be called as witnesses or provide any documentation.
  • The mediator cannot be called as witness in other proceedings.

After the pre-mediation meeting, we schedule a time and place for the actual mediation with both people. 


Mediation takes place in a safe, private location usually outside of the workplace. Both people are welcome to bring representation with them. However, the actual discussion will be between the two people directly involved in the conflict. 

During mediation, both people will describe what’s been happening from their point of view. We encourage people to be as honest as possible, being respectful at all times.

All participation in mediation is entirely voluntary. Employees are free to leave the mediation session at any time—all we ask is that they give us five minutes’ alone before leaving.

In many cases, conflict starts as a misunderstanding that causes hurt and resentment and builds into something bigger over time. By getting to the root of the conflict, both people can come to see past their anger and understand their part in it and the other person’s side.


On its own, clearing up misunderstandings isn’t usually enough to prevent future conflict. 

In mediation, we discuss possible solutions or agreements to stop conflict from developing. For example, if hearsay and rumours have been part of the conflict, both people may agree not to talk about the other person when he or she isn’t present.

In mediation, both people brainstorm ideas to resolve their issues and prevent new conflicts from starting. We encourage any and all ideas. Afterward, we pare down the best ideas into a set of agreements that are viable and sustainable. 

When the mediation session is over, and the agreement is made, the document created is a useful guide for the two employees to help stay on track. If problems arise, they may go over the document and be reminded of the resolutions they chose and agreed to follow.

Followup Mediation Sessions

In some cases, workplace conflicts have been growing and worsening for many years—maybe even decades. It’s not always possible to resolve this level of conflict in a single mediation.

What started as one misunderstanding may have accumulated over time with many additional hurtful incidents. These extra incidents can cloud the true root cause of the conflict.

If after one mediation session employees find that their resolutions are not enough to prevent conflict, chances are that they have not addressed the root of the problem. In these cases, sometimes a followup mediation session is required to get to the bottom of the issue.

Investigations of Workplace Harassment or Discrimination

When harassment or discrimination gets reported in the workplace, a thorough investigation is required.  

In a close-knit workplace, it can be hard for management to get the full story or sift through competing claims. As an outside party, BlueMediation can conduct a fair, unbiased investigation to get the facts straight and provide a clear picture.

We provide workplace investigations on:

  • Harassment, including sexual harassment and personal harassment
  • Discrimination based one of factors, including race, skin colour, religion, gender, national origin, age, or disability
  • Violence (in conjunction with any law enforcement action is complete)

Workplace Policy Development and Training

Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act requires all employers (with 5 or more employees) to have written policies on workplace violence, discrimination and harassment. These policies outline how employees should report incidents and how they should expect the employer to respond to them.

Many workplace problems stem from people not knowing or being confused about what harassment or discrimination actually mean. (Looking for more information about this? Our Resource section can help)

By outlining everything in your employee policy and providing training for staff, you’re giving everyone the information and tools they need. Workplaces run smoothly because all staff know what’s expected and management knows how to respond to any issues.