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Month: August 2019

Advice for Managers

Workplace with employees researching conflict mediation resources online

Front line supervisors are at the heart of any law enforcement organization. They have their fingers on the pulse of employee satisfaction and are the first to recognize conflict in a team. If they allow that conflict to grow and fester or at worse, take sides, the conflict will only increase.

If the organization is big enough, the next level of supervision must keep tabs on multiple front line supervisors who they depend upon to communicate workplace conflict.

Unfortunately our egos can get in the way and some supervisors all not admit they have a problem they cannot resolve. This only adds to the problem as it escalates over time.

Admitting one needs help is both unnerving and extremely powerful at the some time. It identifies that you recognize your strengths and areas you need assistance with and shows incredible self awareness. Let’s face it, everyone needs little help once in awhile.

Fortunately there are numerous organizations with expertise that can assist to bring teams back on track. All you have to do is ask.