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Resources for Workplace Investigation

Resources for Workplace Investigation

Undergoing a workplace investigation? Here are three recent articles to keep you up-to-date with current practices and shed some light on important elements of the investigation:

New Guidance on Workplace Bullying Published

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Are You Following These 16 Investigation Best Practices?

Don’t berate an interview subject. Don’t dive right into an investigation without a plan. Don’t overlook potential sources of evidence. You probably know these things (and the other things not to do), but when was the last time you brushed up on investigation best practices? We’ve compiled 16 tips from investigation experts across disciplines to ensure your next investigation is timely, fair, organized and effective.

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Diversity & Inclusion – Not the Same Thing

In this article I want to speak more generally to the issue of diversity and inclusion and the importance and impact of these practices to your entire organization. Diversity and inclusion are terms that are often mistakenly thought of as synonymous, but  their distinct meanings are  important for us to be aware of whether you are engaged in workplace investigations or are a regulator (also a workplace).

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