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Category: Mental Health

Articles on Mental Health

Mental health is a major topic in the news right now, from law enforcement to workplace investigation to even the stress of working from home. Here are some recent mental health-related articles we wanted to share:

Canadian police officers fear stigma of reporting mental health issues: survey

A cross-Canada survey of more than 800 officers has found that despite beefed-up officer wellness programs and growing awareness about the psychological toll of the job, stigma still surrounds mental illness in policing.

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Feeling exhausted after video chats? There’s a reason for that

Technology like Zoom — which surged from 10 million users to more than 300 million in a matter of months last year — places physical restraints on users, requires more cognitive labour, can amount to an “all-day mirror,” and forces everyone to stare at each other.

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Trauma-informed Interviewing: Lessons for Harassment Investigators

Whether it be past inter-generational trauma, military service, violence or even the alleged events currently being investigated, interviewing a witness burdened with traumatic memories is becoming an increasingly common occurrence in workplace investigations.

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Internal report on the RCMP’s suicide prevention programs

An internal report has just been released on the RCMP’s suicide prevention program, as a follow-up the suicide of an officer in 2016.

The report says a national study should look into the work and life factors that put members’ mental health at risk, and should find out whether members “are succumbing to mental illness for endemic reasons within the control of or further influence by the employer.”

The report also calls for a strategy to better detect symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and to improve training to teach Mounties to recognize warning signs in themselves and their colleagues.

It also recommends increased aftercare support for staff when someone in a detachment dies.


You can read the full article here:

Burnout in the Workplace

Burnout is a major problem in the workplace that can add stress and contribute to conflicts.

Here are two interesting articles on burnout we wanted to share with you: