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Toxic & Conflicted Workplaces

How do you prevent conflict in the workplace from boiling over into an altogether toxic environment? Here are two articles that address these topics:

How To Recognize The Warning Signs Of A Toxic Workplace

Research shows that a toxic workplace can lead to depression, substance abuse, and health issues. If you are starting to feel like workplace problems are affecting you negatively, it might be time to reevaluate.

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The 7 Conflict Styles Of People You Argue With At Work

Disagreeing with co-workers is inevitable in any job. It’s normal and even encouraged in some situations to clash with colleagues in order to get the best work done. But not all of us have the right tools to do it thoughtfully. Some of us can get aggressive, manipulative or all too silent.

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Harassment, Sexual Harassment & Violence

These two recent articles on mediating workplace sexual harassment and preventing violence and harassment in the workplace caught our attention:

Mediating Workplace Sexual Harassment: The Road Less Taken

A claim of workplace sexual harassment involves more than two parties: the complainant, the alleged harasser and the employer, each bringing different interests to the table. However, one common factor that all fear is the hideousness of these claims. 

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Bill C-65: Importance of violence and harassment risk assessment

When establishing programs for the prevention of violence and harassment, organizations must consider all the hazards and related risks that could lead to workers experiencing violence or harassment.

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Preparing for Workplace Assessment

Workplace assessment is an important early step in resolving conflict, but how do you get started? Here are two articles we wanted to share to help you prepare for the assessment process:

Workplace assessments: what you need to know

Janice Rubin, co-founder of Toronto law firm Rubin Thomlinson, says workplace assessments can be an invaluable tool to identifying inappropriate behaviour before it becomes a legal issue. Here, she explains exactly what they are and why HR professionals should adopt them.

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What is Reasonable Management Action?

When a bullying or harassment complaint is made against a manager it is important to consider if the behaviour of the manager was bullying or Reasonable Management Action.

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Resources for a better workplace in 2021

When’s the right time to begin the process of improving your workplace environment and preventing issues of harassment and bullying? The answer is always: right now.

Here are some great resources we’ve come across recently to help:

The Impact of Microaggressions – An Introductory Training

Discover techniques to minimize the occurrence of microaggressions and ways to respond when someone has been microaggressive.

View the full presentation on the University of Nebraska website

5 Tips for Managing Workplace Conflict in 2021

How does one plan for managing conflict in the workplace in the midst of a global pandemic, presidential transition in the United States, and overall uncertainty throughout the world? What does conflict resolution look like in a virtual or hybrid workplace if it is no longer possible to meet a colleague by the watercooler or stop by a supervisor’s office to casually run something by them? Regardless of what is going on in the world, conflict will always be constant.

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Member Spotlight on Mediation Beyond Borders

Tom Girling of Blue Mediation was recently profiled as a Member Spotlight on the Mediation Beyond Borders website, speaking about mediation in the law enforcement workplace.

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Bringing Mediation into the Law Enforcement Workplace. Member Spotlight: Tom Girling

Mediation Resources

Looking for mediation tips and guides for your workplace? Here are a few great resources we’ve come across lately.

40 Mediation Advocacy Tips for Ontario Lawyers

The 40 tips in this e-book are intended to apply to the mediation of
most civil disputes in Ontario. They are also applicable to the
mediation of other types of disputes, with necessary modifications for
procedure and practice. The tips are based on my mediation
experience as a lawyer and mediator. They also draw on themes and
topics I have written and spoken about over the last decade.

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5 tips for effectively managing conflict

Many of us have been testing our conflict management skills recently. We are working in new ways, homeschooling children, spending endless hours sheltering in place with family members, and trying to maintain at least six-feet apart from others when we venture into the world to obtain essential supplies. Conflict can be defined as “any situation in which the concerns of two people appear to be incompatible.” Gaining self-awareness and taking time to fine-tune conflict management skills have never been more important.

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Why Your Company Should Be Integrating Meditation in the Workplace?

I’ve been speaking with many entrepreneurs over the past weeks. Through all the conversations, one thing became clear: stress levels have gone through the roof with the current crisis. It’s understandable, and I’m tempted to call the heightened stress a result of our current crisis.

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Performance Vs. Trust

Facebook post from Simon Su

Tips for dealing with workplace conflict

Here are three helpful articles about workplace conflict we’ve seen pop up over the past month:

Conflict in the Workplace Negatively Impacts Wellness: Here’s What To Do About It

“Relationships in the workplace affect the culture as well as the overall quality of work.

While a supporting and positive working environment with positive relationships can enhance our experience of work, “conflict can seriously undermine it.”

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How to Deal with Common Issues in the Workplace

According to this piece, conflict, feeling unappreciated and sickness pay are some of the most common workplace issues.

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How to find common ground when it seems impossible

A 2019 report from online education company Udemy found that the No. 1 soft skill workers need is conflict management skills. The report says that we spend about 2.8 hours per week resolving conflicts, so we’d better be good at doing so.

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Police Sick Leave & First Responders’ Mental Health

Saskatchewan was launched an online program to provide first responders with some much-needed mental health support. Click here to read the full article.

“It’s important because when you need help, you kind of need it now,” says Regina paramedic.

Regina Leader Post

Meanwhile, here in Ontario, the president of the Stratford Police Association has sent an insightful letter to the editor of the Stratford Beacon Herald about how we need to talk more about the root causes of police sick time. You can read that letter here.

When uniform officers and police service employees are regularly asked to fill extra shifts and work overtime to make up for a lack of personnel, it can contribute to the development of high rates of burnout and individuals taking extended leaves of absence due to operational stress injuries. This creates a cyclical effect as staffing levels are then even further diminished, with less police personnel available to take on that additional work.

Rob McMillan, President
Stratford Police Association
in The Stratford Beacon Herald

When workplaces ignore mental health & harrassment

These three recent articles dive into bullying, harassment and mental health in the workplace.

Workplace bullying: ‘Fear is the biggest factor’

The most common form of bullying or harassment was “being undermined or humiliated in my job”, reported by 55% of women affected and 50% of men.

Then came “persistent unwarranted criticism” and “unwanted personal remarks”.

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Employer Pays for Failing to Investigate Harassment

In Bassanese v. German Canadian News Company et al. Justice Sossin of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice awarded the plaintiff, Ms. Bassanese, $50,000 in aggravated damages for the bad faith actions of her former employer, German Canadian News Company (GCNC).

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Mental health is the foundation of workplace safety

In 2013, the Canadian National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety introduced the concept that not only was there a responsibility for the workplace to become involved in maintaining the mental health of workers, but also that the workplace could even be a source of poor mental health.

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5 Reasons Mediation Should Be Mandatory

Despite all the work on raising awareness of the benefits of mediation, it’s a chronically under-used approach, a last resort. All organisations need to be working on a basis of trust and openness – and that means being able to have grown-up conversations, not running to formal dispute processes, blame, recriminations and tribunals. The number of employees turning to an employment tribunal went up 10% in the last year, the backlog is up 39%.


We couldn’t agree with this article more! Click here to read the full piece: