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Category: Leadership

Leadership in the Workplace

Leadership is an important element in every workplace. Here are some articles we’ve come across recently that are great resources for fostering leadership in your work environment:

8 Proven Strategies to Workplace Excellence

In great places to work, conscious attitudes, behaviours and core values combine to create a place where people want to make and grow their careers.

Read Lori Sone-Cooper’s full post on LinkedIn

Try these 4 self-improvement strategies to become a better leader

Leadership coach Amy Kan says when we develop this discipline, we are more likely to achieve our personal objectives but also become more inspiring, innovative leaders for the people in our lives who need us right now.

Read the full article on Fast Company

Leadership on LinkedIn

We wanted to share a few more Leadership & Workplace Mediation gems we came across on LinkedIn recently.

First, organization psychologist Adam Grant shared this infographic from Liz Wiseman, author of Multipliers:

Six type of accidental diminishers from "Multipliers" by Liz Wiseman

Respect Group posted this telling statistic:

Nine out of ten people believe their workspace quality affects attitudes and increases productivity.

Hughes, 2007

Feeling Appreciated

We wanted to share our appreciation for leadership consultant Tanya Gibson who posted this gem on LinkedIn:

Appreciation matters. It doesn’t take much time and can have a huge impact. Make a point to recognize and appreciate those around you.

Tanya Gibson (on LinkedIn)

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