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Month: January 2020

Internal report on the RCMP’s suicide prevention programs

An internal report has just been released on the RCMP’s suicide prevention program, as a follow-up the suicide of an officer in 2016.

The report says a national study should look into the work and life factors that put members’ mental health at risk, and should find out whether members “are succumbing to mental illness for endemic reasons within the control of or further influence by the employer.”

The report also calls for a strategy to better detect symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and to improve training to teach Mounties to recognize warning signs in themselves and their colleagues.

It also recommends increased aftercare support for staff when someone in a detachment dies.


You can read the full article here:

Burnout in the Workplace

Burnout is a major problem in the workplace that can add stress and contribute to conflicts.

Here are two interesting articles on burnout we wanted to share with you:

5 Reasons Mediation Should Be Mandatory

Despite all the work on raising awareness of the benefits of mediation, it’s a chronically under-used approach, a last resort. All organisations need to be working on a basis of trust and openness – and that means being able to have grown-up conversations, not running to formal dispute processes, blame, recriminations and tribunals. The number of employees turning to an employment tribunal went up 10% in the last year, the backlog is up 39%.


We couldn’t agree with this article more! Click here to read the full piece:

Looking Back at 2019, Looking Forward to 2020

Happy New Year from Blue Mediation!

We had a busy year in 2019. Workplace harassment was in the news a lot, including these two articles from this past December:

What will 2020 have in store for workplaces? This article shares a few ideas about what we might look forward to: